What You Should Know About Recommending SHIELD To Your Clients

We understand how important it is to find the best fit for your client. We know that they've placed their trust in you to help navigate the journey toward business ownership.

We get it.

We're here to help you help them.

The SHIELD Franchise Offer:

The SHIELD franchise model provides turn-key entry into the electronics security industry. We offer a strategic road map to achieve a competitive edge in the home and business security marketplace through industry expertise, standard operating procedures, soft skills training and scaleable systems based on nearly 40 years of best practice solutions.

Owner Benefits:

Specializing in the sale, installation and monitoring of residential and commercial alarm systems, SHIELD franchise owners benefit from a three-tiered revenue stream including installation, monitoring and service for various products relating to residential and commercial security including: Security Systems, Camera Sytems, Intercoms, Access Control Systems, Closed Circuit Television, Video Surveillance Systems, Fire and Environmental Monitoring.

  • Passive Income -  Predictable, scalable exponential recurring monthly revenue growth.
  • Training & Support - Strategic roadmap, proprietary management tools, monitoring center
  • Business Value / Exit Strategy - Equitable account resale value
  • Market Growth Potential - Mainstream growth of security products and services
  • High Value Commodity - Security is highly regarded with considerable marketing value

Take the Next Step

We have carefully crafted a system to determine if a SHIELD Security Systems franchise is a good fit for your client. Please invite your candidate to register here to receive information about out concept. We have found that a serious candidate takes the time to visit our site and complete each step of our process as directed. We will keep you informed of his progress as he moves through each phase of our discovery process.