SHIELD Franchise FAQs

Below, you’ll find commonly asked questions about starting a SHIELD® franchise. Please contact us if yours are not addressed here.

What's the minimum criteria to become a SHIELD® Security Systems franchisee?

SHIELD® Security Systems looks at two primary criteria when approving franchisees. The first is operational experience, including business or management experience with strong communication skills. The second criterion is financial, which requires a net worth of $250,000 and $75,000 in liquid assets.

What are SHIELD® Security Systems’ fees?

SHIELD® Security Systems has a franchise fee of $40,000 with a total investment between $74,275 and $125,550. Franchisees pay royalties of 5% of gross sales and a 1% national advertising fee. It is recommended franchisees spend 10% toward local advertising. Please note, security dealers may be eligible for a reduced franchise fee. Please call us for details.

If I don’t meet the financial or operational criteria myself, can I buy a SHIELD® Security Systems franchise with partners?

Yes, as long as the total net worth, liquidity and experience requirements are met by the members of the partnership.

Does SHIELD® Security Systems appear in the Franchise Registry?

Yes. SHIELD® Security Systems is an SBA Approved Franchise.

Does SHIELD® Security Systems provide financing for franchise development?

We do not offer financing. Our capital requirements were established so that financing is not necessary. However, you may contact your financial institution to inquire about SBA loans.

Can I convert my existing security company into a SHIELD® Security Systems franchise?

Yes, you can. We offer a very attractive program for existing security dealers. Your franchise fee is based upon your current level of experience and the size of your existing customer base. It’s important to remember that you maintain ownership of your existing accounts. This is not a dealer program!

Can I operate a SHIELD® Security Systems franchise from my home?

Yes. Our franchise was specifically designed to be a home-based business to keep your daily operating expenses low. You may, however, elect to move to a commercial location at any time.

Do I need any sales experience?

No, our franchisees need business experience and strong communication skills.

Do I need an electronics background?

No, we will give you the technical skills you need to operate.

How do I find qualified installers and technicians?

During your initial training, we will teach you how to find, interview and hire competent installers. This takes place prior to your commencement of operations.


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Sales and Marketing

How do I build a customer base?

Marketing is the strongest piece of our franchise. Our marketing program consists of 18 elements designed specifically for our industry because no single strategy is sufficient in today’s market.

How do I compete with national companies offering free installations?

We compete successfully with national chains for several reasons. As an owner-operator, you have consistency national security companies can’t offer. Our prices are guaranteed to be competitive and our customer service is superior. Although we offer a free installation package, it is not our primary marketing strategy.

Recent history shows us that customers who shop for free features have low customer loyalty and labor-intensive collection issues. Our marketing and sales presentation offers clients options and allows them to create the best system to suit both their needs and their budget. This results in long-term clients with extremely high customer loyalty!

How do I know another franchisee will not open a SHIELD® franchise in my area?

We offer protected areas to our franchisees. We understand that competition can be aggressive, so we don’t want our franchisees competing against each other. We currently have many areas of the country open and available for development. Please contact us for specific territory availability.

What are advertising royalties used for?

1% of your gross sales are deposited into SHIELD® Security Systems’ national advertising fund. This money is used to develop marketing materials for you and other franchisees. It is not used to market SHIELD® franchise opportunities.


How much inventory must I maintain?

You will need to maintain less than $4,000.00 in inventory, which represents approximately 10 complete installations.

Do I have to purchase all products from you?

No. However, to ensure consistent quality and meet our stringent product specifications, we do require you to purchase control panels with digital communicators and central station monitoring services from us.

How much do you mark up security equipment?

You enjoy zero mark up on most security products. You will also receive our volume discounts, which means your price will be approximately 15% below dealer cost.

Do I need my own central station?

No, we provide that service to you at a wholesale price for you to offer to your retail customers.

Technical Support

What ongoing support does SHIELD® Security Systems provide to franchisees?

SHIELD® Security Systems offers support that includes security system design and layout, purchasing, marketing, franchise opening support, ongoing training and operations support.

What type of operations support does SHIELD® Security Systems provide during my first franchise opening?

SHIELD® Security Systems recommends that two to three managers attend, and that at least one manager graduates from, our six-week Jump Start Training Program. This training begins about eight weeks before your opening, with timeline checklists to be completed on a weekly basis by the franchisee at their home office with a SHIELD® Security Systems trainer by telephone or email.

SHIELD® Security Systems will provide all of the computer hardware, software and training materials to complete this training. At least one manager must also successfully complete the six days of in-house training in Buffalo, New York, prior to commencing operations. SHIELD® Security Systems will pay for this in-house training. The franchisee is responsible for costs associated with travel, room and board, and miscellaneous expenses for their managers’ training.

Getting Started

How long before I can start doing business?

You should be operational within 90 days after securing your territory.

SHIELD® Security Systems sounds like exactly the franchise I’m looking for! What is the first step toward becoming a franchise owner?

Submit your request for information form. We will contact you shortly to review the process associated with becoming a SHIELD® Security Systems franchisee.

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