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How to Keep Your Sales Funnel Full with Digital Marketing

By August 25, 2015 June 24th, 2019 No Comments

Whether you are running a solely internet business or not, online sales are a great way to gain more clients. To be successful, you have to take a well-rounded approach to digital marketing. That means making sure you have a site that is targeting your service area.

The goal of any marketing effort is to keep your sales funnel full, and the best way to do that online is to use the power of inbound marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing can be defined as a combination of all aspects of your online presence, from the relevance of your local site, to SEO, and paid advertising.

Inbound marketing techniques can be used for your website, email, and social media presence.

It is key to remember that most of the time it does not matter whether a website visitor clicked on a paid advertisement, or a link embedded on someone else’s webpage. However, what does matter is that traffic through paid ads costs you money, while traffic from organic search and links from other people’s websites are free.

Organic vs Paid Search

Organic and paid search tactics can, and probably should, be combined to give you the most reach. Organic marketing is the online equivalent of “word of mouth” advertising, while paid search is the digital version of billboards and radio/TV commercials. Let’s take a quick look at each:

  • Organic Links – When your site is linked to by a blog or unsolicited article, this is referred to as organic link, since you did not pay for it, and the link hits have occurred naturally. According to Search Engine Watch, organic links are preferred by search engines crawling your site because they demonstrate relevance and reliability.
  • Paid Searches and Links – With paid advertisements, you can increase the reach of your brand. Paid links are displayed to people surfing the web when they visit websites, participate in social media, or use a search engine. The ad will either appear prefacing the actual content, or be displayed alongside it in a sidebar.

The Value of a Local Site

A local site, or landing page, is where organic and paid marketing arrive on your site for the first time. This is where the highest quality leads are found, and where they can beeasily converted into sales.

To be a relevant site, you will have to set up keywords that identify your services or products, as well as provide a steady stream of passive yet relevant content to organic mediums such as social media.

Check out this article from Search Engine Watch on the importance of your local marketing strategy for more detail about the added value of a local website.

Components of a Local Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing campaigns are not static like a billboard. Instead, the process has to be constantly analyzed, keywords need to be tweaked, new content has to be generated, and a process needs to be put into place to make it all run efficiently.

All of the components of your campaign are in constant flux, making the task of keeping your sales funnel full an extensive one. So much so that you may not be able to handle all of it on your own.

How an Agency Can Help You

To boost your digital presence, and do it correctly, you may want to enlist the assistance of an agency who is solely focused on inbound marketing.

An inbound marketing agency will help you set up a powerful and relevant website, perform the necessary analytics, choose the right keywords to attract leads, and have the experience to know where and how to get your organic and paid marketing campaigns in front of the people you are looking for.

The agency’s job is your success, and they will use the most effective tools available, including social media campaigns, pay per click advertising, and more.


The key to success in digital marketing is to utilize a “pull” method rather than a “push” method, otherwise known as inbound marketing. Online users want their questions answered, and they want it now. You can “pull” them in by answering their questions on your website and on social media.

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