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Camera System for Auto Repair Business Enhances Parking Lot Security




Dennis Walczak was in the market for a camera security system.  He was looking for extra security at his auto repair shop for after hours and while he traveled out of town.  At the time, there were concerns of vandals at other local auto repair shops and trespassers stealing personal property from area car lots. To thwart this threat, Walczak wanted a camera solution that was affordable, easy to use and one with cameras that weren’t noticeably obtrusive. He didn’t want his employees or customers to feel like they were being watched.  Most importantly, he wanted to be able to access video footage at any time - remotely from his portable devices.


Walczak made the decision to purchase a camera system from SHIELD Security Systems for complete surveillance of his business.  The custom design of the camera system allows him to simultaneously monitor what is happening inside and outside of his auto repair shop at all hours. Since Walczak  wanted a security camera system that was easy to use. SHIELD installed security cameras that captures live feed and can be monitored by any internet connection, including his mobile phone.

Technology Specifics

He added a 16 Channel DVR w 2 TB Storage capacity and a total of 10 cameras to monitor his 1/2 acre corner lot. The larger capacity DVR allows for adaptations if more cameras are needed in the future - a common request of new video surveillance users. Using a wide dynamic mini dome camera for his reception area enabled discreet surveillance and the ability to see the numbers on cash register receipts. Several indoor day and night dome cameras were placed in the garage bays to monitor inside his facility and vandal resistant day and night cameras were strategically placed outside the building to monitor the lot. Dome cameras were chosen to facilitate subtle recording both inside and out and, due to their durability, were more conducive to a harsher, dustier environment.

Key Result

The security camera system installed at Walczak’s Garage protects his business property and everything around it.  Walczak uses his camera system to verify when vehicles arrive and leave his property and monitor activities throughout the day.  Walczak explained that he likes the peace-of-mind and ease of turning on his cell phone at any time to see what business looks like.  

“Installation was perfect.  SHIELD Security Systems did great job.  They made sure that my camera system was connected to my cell phone so that I can quickly view the video feed.  Also, if I decide that I want another camera installed at my shop, all I have to do is call SHIELD and they will come out and install the new camera.  It is as easy as that.” said Dennis Walczak, owner of Walczak’s Garage.

Walczak continues “I can look at my shop after hours and see if there are any kids around the garage or anyone else causing trouble.  There has been an occasion where the camera systems have provided evidence when a customer’s car was involved in a situation on garage property.  I am very satisfied with my camera system and I am confident with the technology used to help keep my business property safe.”