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Security System For Small Business Bakery Gives Owner Freedom To Sleep In, Simply Sweet


security system for small business bakery

After a year of working out of her home, Cindy Slomovitz, Proprietor, made the decision to fulfill her dream and open a bakery and food emporium in the Village where everything is gluten free.  Customer's will find delicious baked goods and other specialty food items, with many products supplied by locally owned companies in Western New York, Cindy will continue to expand her offerings so that her customers, who deserve the very best quality and delicious tasting choices, will  have a place to come that is conveniently located for everyone living in WNY.


Cindy Slomovitz, owner of Simply Sweet bakery, on Main Street in Williamsville, wanted a security system to make sure her bakery was secure after hours. As a new business owner, with limited cash flow, Cindy was looking for an inexpensive, easy-to-use, reliable security solution. Given the bakery’s early hours (employees that start baking as early as 4:00AM), she needed a system that would allow her to disarm the system without having to be there. With her grand opening looming, Cindy also wanted a quick turn-around so she could focus on her business launch.

"I wanted a system that I could operate from my cell phone and one that would give my employees access to the store without having to get up at 4AM."

Technical Solution

SHIELD Security Systems recommended Cindy get a Lynx Touch from Honeywell - a dynamic, all-in-one system that lets Cindy control her security system from one brilliant, full-color touchscreen or from her mobile device.

The Lynx Total Connect TM App, allows Cindy to remotely arm and disarm the system from her cell phone or key fob. This ease of control is an option that is important to someone like CIndy with lots details to manage on a daily basis. Now, all it takes is the push of a button and the system is either activated or deactivated, depending on the time of day. Also, if Cindy (or any one of her emplyees) forgets to arm the system at the end of the day, Cindy can take care of it from wherever she is.

To add to the convenience, each employee has a unique user and pass code. Cindy receives a message each time her security system is armed or disarmed. The detailed message includes the time, date, and name of the person who entered their pin number into the security system - a great feature for keeping track of employee’s actual schedules.

Last but not least, the attractive Lynx Touch Keypad fit perfectly with the meticulous decor of her new bakery. After weeks of remodeling, the last thing Cindy wanted was an ugly, outdated contraption on her freshly painted walls. The keypad’s colorful display with bright icons and crystal clear easy-to-read words make it a great choice for discriminating tastes.   

Key Results

Cindy has peace-of-mind allowing her employees to arm and disarm her bakery security system. She has additional confidence in her security system because of the detailed messages that she receives any time her system is given an action.

It was an inexpensive, quick install!  I love key fob- it is awesome – all I have to do is ‘BEEP-BEEP’ and my security system is ready to go.  I love the convenience of arming my system from my cell phone and seeing the activity when my employees come in the bakery or when they leave."

Cindy continues “When I login into the system on my phone, I can do all of the programming right there! I would recommend SHIELD Security Systems because of excellent customer service.  They are always there when we need them, SHIELD can fix any problem that I have right away, and I have a key fob! I can activate the alarm from my cell phone, how cool is that?! I feel like James Bond!”

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