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Buffalo Security Company Secures Rochester Printer With Total Connect

High End Printer Calls On Buffalo Security Company To Secure Regional Offices



Tapecon Inc., a high-resolution specialty printer for the medical and technical industries, had facilities in Buffalo and Rochester, NY. A company with a sizable staff and two locations, Tapecon had a few goals for their security:

  • Secure Rochester Location: The senior management team, based out of the Buffalo location, wanted to monitor the Rochester location. With offsite management, it was important for the owners to monitor the simple to most complex security issues from a distance: 
    • Criminal Mischief: Partly due to a higher than average homeless community around their building, criminal events were on the rise. The company was vulnerable to criminal mischief and theft, due to its location and dimly lit entranceways. Especially at night and during non-working hours, the business was a breeding ground for break-ins, vandals, and arsonists. In addition to the potential for criminal  there was a high probability of injury to trespassers  thereby increasing the company's liability potential. 
    • Employee Activity and Safety: Because of the increased problems outside the facility, there was also a great concern for the welfare and safety of employees leaving the Rochester facility. From the casual extended smoke break and employees "hanging out in remote areas of the building," Tapecon management wanted to keep an eye on things to keep productivity up and employees safe.
  • Monitor Buffalo Location: Tapecon's Buffalo location, with its huge staff, needed an updated security system to assist with building security during the work day, and more importantly, after hours and on the weekend.  Tapecon has over a hundred employees who enter and exit the building at all hours of the day.  Tapecon was in need of a security system that was easy to use and would allow them to manage department access for all employees.
  • Ability To Move System: Tapecon was also planning to merge the two locations - moving the Rochester production to Buffalo. Despite the move, security was still necessary for Rochester.

In short, Tapecon was in need of a security system that was easy to use and would allow them to manage department access for all employees.  Tapecon needed a comprehensive security solution including intrusion, CCTV and access control to protect the building and employees at both locations.


Tapecon called upon SHIELD Security Systems and the founder Ken Jezioro to help design and implement solutions for both locations.  Mr. Jezioro, a 28 year police veteran with 38 years experience in the electronic security and a certified crime prevention officer, conducted an in-depth analysis of the facilities and designed a security system with intrusion detection, fire, access control and video.

Technical Specifics

At the Rochester location, SHIELD installed a new Honeywell security control panel with an IP Communicator and a GSM/LTE Cellular Radio communicator. This unit combined with SHIELD’s Total Connect Services allowed the Tapecon management team to control the security system remotely with cell phones from anywhere cellular service was available. Because TAPECON’s primary office is in Buffalo, this allowed the TAPECON team to control the security system remotely - including adding and removing employee codes, arming and disarming the system.

SHIELD installed a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and cameras throughout the facility.  The interior color dome cameras have low light  and infrared night vision capability, and the exterior color dome cameras are in vandal resistant domes and can withstand impact from a brick or even a sledgehammer.  The exterior cameras are IS 68 Weather Certified to withstand the harsh Western New York winters.  

Regardless of where they are (on or off site), TAPECON’s management team can view live and recorded video remotely using their cell phone or PC. When an alarm activation occurred, staff in Buffalo (or SHIELD Central Station Staff) could view the video to see who was in the facility in Rochester so they could notify the police if necessary.

SHIELD installed a BOSCH “Access Easy” access control system and proximity readers at employee entrances. This unit is aptly called “Access Easy” because it is easy to administer using a PC on or off site.  When an employee leaves or loses their key fob, he can remove the fob’s access to the building without having to contact SHIELD for service.  Adding new key fobs is just as easy.

To address the "extended break" issue, SHIELD  programmed a "failsafe" that requires employees to log out, and then back in or their key fobs would not allow access back into the facility.  This feature resulted in shorter “supervised” smoke breaks.

Buffalo Expansion
TAPECON underwent a huge expansion at their Buffalo, NY facility and required similar but much more extensive security.  Once again, SHIELD designed and implemented a system using a combination of Total Connect, cameras and access control. Additionally, key fob technology introduced ease and flexibility into the access control process so employees could move more easily around the facility. 

Key Results

SHIELD Security provided Tapecon Inc. with a new security system that would help manage their business and the assets inside.  From the front door that was once open and unsecured, Tapecon now has a system that ensures security at all entrances and exits. 

The technology of Total Connect App allows notifications to be sent every time someone enters or exits the building using their key fob.   Every time someone uses their key fob, the information is logged.  This system is also great for accountability.  Tapecon is now able to tell who was in or out of the building during a specific time frame, if anything was ever to happen.     

“We have no complaints with SHIELD Security.  They worked well with our electronics and IT team to make sure that the security system met the objectives of management,” said Jeff Davis, of Tapecon. 

Davis continues, “The system is cool because of the key fobs.  We can grant or limit access needed.  If someone is discharged, access can be deactivated right away.  All doors that need to be secure are secure.  We now have top of the line security with real time response.”

Ultimately, Tapecon closed their Rochester location and moved all staff to Buffalo. SHIELD made it easy for Tapecon as they transitioned their business and integrated two of their operations into one.  SHIELD was able to keep their security systems online at the closing location until it was safe to deactivate that building.  The customization of SHIELD’s security system allowed Tapecon to move their system components easily while they were merging their operations and relocating the departments as needed.