What Candidates Can Expect Throughout The SHIELD Franchise Discovery Process

We have carefully crafted a system to recruit great SHIELD Security systems franchise owners. Each successive step depends on the completion of the prior step and we take this mutual evaluation process seriously. It is our goal to take the next 4-6 weeks to learn about each candidate through a series of honest conversations and exercises.

Phase 1:

Step 1: Concept Introduction / Candidate Assessment - Teleconference


During this step, we will introduce the SHIELD Security Systems franchise model including our company vision and the unique opportunity for franchise owners. We will conduct an informal assessment of our mutual compatabilty and your candidate's goals and aspirations, time line and financial viability. At the end of the call, your candidate will be asked to complete a formal Request For Consideration (if he has not already done so) and provide financial verification of funding availability.

Step 2: Day In The Life - Webinar


Your candidate will explore a "day-in-the- life" of a SHIELD franchise owner. He will begin to discover SHIELD"s concrete deliverables and learn more about the strategic road map, management tools, and industry expertise that will guide his success as a franchise owner.

Phase 2:

Step 3: Legal - FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) - Webinar


During this phase of the discovery process, your candidate will have a clear understanding of the mutual responsibilities surrounding the SHIELD franchisee / franchisor relationship. Since franchising is carefully regulated by both State and Federal Authorities, this consumer protection document is a vital step in evaluating personal and professional qualifications as well as financial expectations.

Step 4: SAM - Security Account Manager - Webinar


We will explore SAM - SHIELD's proprietary account management system. This robust information management tool is one of the most valuable deliverables of the SHIELD franchise model. It provides industry specific, mobile management of client information and gives franchise owners a strategic road map to manage the sales, operation and billing components of their security business. This comprehensive security management solution is a stand-alone asset to the SHIELD franchise business model and an invaluable tool to manage and grow a profitable security business.

Phase 3:

Step 5: Keeping Your Sales Funnel Full - Keys To Effective Marketing - Webinar


This part of the SHIELD Franchise Discovery process takes candidates behind the scenes of the SHIELD’s marketing initiatives and game plan for executing both inbound and traditional marketing tactics. Candidates will learn how to keep their sales funnel full through various techniques designed to guide prospects through the sales process.

Step 6: Territory Analysis


During this step, we hone in on a commitment to work together by evaluating the opportunity relative to the candidate's market and finalize territorial boundaries.