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Why Home Surveillance is Increasingly Popular

By May 17, 2016 June 25th, 2019 No Comments

We have all seen the action movies where there are security cameras covering every inch of a building, making it increasingly difficult for the protagonist of the story to get what they need. While surveillance has been glorified in the media, it truly adds to the home security system experience. Here are some reasons why home surveillance has become a staple in homes across the U.S.:

1. Cost Effective

Before home surveillance was popular, it was expensive… too expensive for the average homeowner to have. Now, with the most recent wireless cameras, cloud technology, mobile apps, and popularity, home surveillance is much more cost effective service. It is widely accessible and much easier to install, making homeowners more attracted to the simplicity of watching over their home.

2. Ever Evolving Features

As technology continues to soar, it is much easier for people to grasp the concept of working with home surveillance. Now that you can access many of the features simply from your smart phone, more people are interested in it and certainly showing it off. Users can check in on their home with live video and receive alerts on their phones with updates on activity around their property. The features continue to grow, making it much easier for users at home and professionals alike.

3. Helpful for Users and Professionals Alike

When a home surveillance system is connected to your home security system, not only do you get more of a feel for how your security system works, but you also are able to be a part of what the professionals are doing. Professionally monitored security systems have 24/7 monitoring based on signals your system is sending back to them, so video surveillance helps reduce false alarms and allows both you and the professionals to keep an eye on what is actually going on.

Instead of constantly worrying about what is going on at home, give yourself the coolest gift of a home surveillance system. Watch live what is going on, and let the professionals handle the rest. SHIELD offers many different kinds of surveillance cameras, check them out here:

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