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5 Ways the Misuse of Social Media can Threaten Home Security

By February 10, 2015 June 26th, 2019 No Comments

Social media has become an important part of our daily lives. From staying in touch with family to keeping up with friends, it makes staying connected easy to do. However, there’s a darker side that you should be aware of because what you say and do online impacts how social media threatens home security for you and your family.

To that end, the following are 5 things you may be doing that are exposing your family to unnecessary risk:

  1. Broadcasting your whereabouts and checking-in. “Hey everyone, I’m in Costa Rica!” Well, that means no one is home and that any burglar in town can drop by and make off with all of your valuables.
  2. Using simple passwords. Birthdays, 12345, and other easy to remember passwords are also easy to hack with just a little research. That’s why you should always use complex passwords that not even your spouse could guess.
  3. Picking fights. Online forums are a great way to communicate. They’re also great places to make enemies, and let’s be honest, a simple look at the daily news should tell you just how many crazy people there are out there. Stay away from online conflicts at all costs.
  4. Not updating security programs. Be sure that your online malware, adware, and other spyware programs are continually updated and that any issues are resolved before you surf again.
  5. Not limiting access. Make sure your user profiles are set to private and that only your friends and family can see what you post. This will help keep random strangers from looking you up.

Understanding how social media threatens home security is our business. That’s why we invite you to contact SHIELD Security Systems for more about the ways you can keep your family safe as they browse the amazing vastness of the internet.

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