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Every 15 Seconds A Home Is Burglarized

Every fifteen seconds, a home is burglarized in the US. Thieves rob approximately $1,725 worth of property and worse, often rob the residents of peace of mind for scores of years.

Home burglaries average over 2 million per year in the US, and yet the majority of the victims had thought that their home was safe from simple burglary. They had checked off on the alarm system, lights, locks, dogs, and informed neighbors. And yet still ended up being the victim(s) of a robbery- how?

How Hard Is It To Break Into A Home?

The sad truth is, it’s not really that difficult to break into the majority of homes. The risk of being seen committing the crime is much more effective than a sub-par lock, yet with the majority of house burglaries occurring during the day, even that risk does not seem to be very effective in preventing the crime. The issue here is that the majority homes have one or more weak points in their defense system, and professional, or at least experienced, thieves are quite capable of exposing those weaknesses.

5 Ways To Deter A Burglar

1. Get Loud. Get Clear.

Security alarm companies enjoy marketing their product as a the magic pill against the cancer of robbery. In reality, it doesn’t prevent anybody from breaking and walking into your home; it’s not an invisible force field. However, when utilized correctly, it does make your home much less desirable for attempting a break-in.

Alarms appear to be quite dummy-proof: install/activate/don’t forget to turn it on. People you trust are given the entry code; anyone else will trip the alarm and cause a loud commotion. However, the problem is that the alarm sounds AFTER someone has broken in- and the police probably won’t find anyone when they arrive.

The alarm alone will most likely deter a would-be thief. However, why take chances and risk ruining your peace of mind in the event of an attempted break-in?

The key is to NOT conceal the less-than-aesthetic sticker that the security company gives you display- THIS is what deters would-be burglars from targeting your house. So please-DON’T cover up that sticker(s) simply for the sake of landscaping aesthetics!

2. Keep Your Vacation Plans Off Social Media!

This ones pretty simple, folks- DON’T publish the dates for your next holiday, and as tempting as it might be, DON’T update your status showing photos of the Grand Canyon, the Great Wall of China, etc….unless you want to run the risk of becoming the target of a burglary while you’re out of town. And make sure to let your neighbors when you’ll be gone, so they know to report any activity seen on your property.

3. Seriously, Folks: Under the Doormat??

Have your friends or relatives ever been able to guess where you had hidden the spare key? Under the doormat (that sound was me- slapping my forehead, a la Homer Simpson) In the plant pot? Above the door frame…..? Simple rule(s) of thumb:

  • It’s best NOT to leave a spare key on your property- leave one each to to your a couple of your neighbors and/or friends.
  • If you’re going to leaving a key on your property, ask a couple of friends to come by and try finding it (we all love Easter Egg hunts).
  • Bury it: Wrap it in tin foil and bury it in the yard. But please…..not under the doormat!

4. Let’s Have Some Limelight

Rule #1 of being a burglar: don’t get caught. Rule #2: you obey Rule #1 by not being seen/detected. Rule #3: if nobody spots you, nobody calls the cops.

Even though many robberies occur during the day, nighttime is still great for avoiding detection. One of the best ways to minimize the chance of your home becoming a target is to maximize the lighting, both outdoor and indoor. You want to have automated lights (and a radio, to boot) inside your home to give the appearance that someone IS home (when you know you won’t be home before it gets dark), and bright lights (the 120-volt kind works best at dissipating shadows) outside, to minimize the opportunity for would-be burglars to lurk/hide.

5. Lock It Up

If in the event that all other home security defenses fail, for whatever reason, a sturdy lock and door often times can foil a would-be burglar. Remember:

No matter if it’s made from wood or metal, the door needs to be SOLID.

  • The best type of strike plate? The heavy-duty type- and make sure you use four, long (3-inch) screws to secure it.
  • The best kind of lock? Without a doubt: a deadbolt or a knob-in-lock set, WITH a dead latch.

Let’s Wrap:

  • First and foremost: make sure you have an alarm system installed. Don’t have one? Get more info here.
  • DON’T broadcast to the whole world that you won’t be home for ‘x’ number of weeks.
  • Don’t become a statistic just because you chose a cliché of a hidding spot for your spare key- in the same spots you ALWAYS see on TV and in the movies.
  • Have automated lights (and radio) to come on in the evening when you know you won’t be home, and minimize shadows for would-be burglars to lurk.
  • Make sure that both your door and lock(s) are as sturdy as they come. DON’T get cheap with these two items.

quality alarm system is an excellent weapon in the fight against burglaries and the best method to bring peace of mind in home security. Yet an experienced and effective security system specialist knows that home security doesn’t just begin and end with the alarm system.

At SHIELD, we know that nothing is more important than keeping your family and property safe and secure. We don’t just install an alarm system- we sit down with you and formulate a plan to deter burglary attempts, so that your alarm system only has to be the last line of defense, and with proper planning- rarely, if ever, tripped.

SHIELD offers a bevy of different of alarm system designs and options along with a few different monitoring plans. More importantly, we’ll share over 100 years of law enforcement expertise and unmatched support. It is our goal to form indispensable partner to our clients for their total peace-of-mind.

This article was submitted by Bart, Freelance writer / blogger, working for Home Security Austin – who loves to write articles about home security and related news.

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