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3 Reasons Why Home Video Surveillance Is Beneficial

By August 19, 2016 June 25th, 2019 No Comments

Before the most recent technology boom, video surveillance was mainly used by large, very wealthy companies and in the spy movies. Today, if you walk down the street, I guarantee you will see at least 5 within a few minutes. Video surveillance has quickly gained traction in our world, and it has gained the world a series of “Burglaries Gone Wrong” videos, while also serving it’s purpose as a way to deter burglars and lurkers.

Here are three reasons why having a home video surveillance system is beneficial:

1. Surveillance Systems Deter Criminals

When scoping out a home or business to break in to, burglars are on the look out for surveillance systems. Having professional video surveillance can be unnerving to the potential criminal. It is worth the money to avoid potential loss and damages. Security systems are meant to prevent the act from occurring, rather than catching the aftermath. Although, the aftermath on video certainly does help find the burglar and can usually provide future entertainment on “Burglaries Gone Wrong” videos.

2. Catch ‘Em In the Act

As stated previously, the idea behind video surveillance is to deter criminals from committing a crime. But, if they do follow through, you will have proof and be able to catch them. Would you rather be burglarized without video surveillance or with? ….That’s what we thought! Check out the different types of video surveillance cameras we offer here:

3. Peace of Mind

Do you need to run to the grocery store but your 12-year old is anxious and really fighting against going with you? Or are you going away with your spouse for the week and you are nervous to leave your 17 year-old home with the house to him/herself? You can check up on your home via a mobile app connected to your video surveillance system. It is fast, easy to use, and gives you the peace of mind you need.

So, whether you are purchasing a video surveillance system to deter burglars or to keep an eye on the well being of your home (or both!), video surveillance is the newest and the best. With many different options, you are able to choose and manage what is right for your home.

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