YES! ...Your Alarm System Will Work Without A Phone Line!

Your home or business security doesn’t have to be compromised just because you don’t use a land line phone.

Although security systems of the past relied on “POTS” (plain old telephone lines), your security system is as dependable as ever with today's newest technology: secure wireless transmission via a cell backup unit.

You want the ability to call for help when you need it most every minute of every day. Our portable, smart technology puts you in touch and keeps you protected even when you're alone.

Eliminating Your Home Phone? No Worries! Your security System Won’t Be Compromised!

Homeowners are discontinuing their traditional telephone service at a rapid rate. Tablets and smart phones are changing the way we communicate. These days, 7 out of 10 people own a cell phone, so it’s no surprise that cellular back up units are becoming the primary means of communication for security systems.

We recommend secure wireless communication systems for both primary and backup (secondary) central station communication. Our cellular communications systems serve as a direct link for your alarm signal to reach our central station. As effective as a land line, cellular (wireless) communication instantly transmits signals to our operators. You won’t notice a change on your end either because your address is still connected to your account and equipment. When our operators receive your signal, they still possess all the information necessary to deliver immediate help.

Cellular Communication for Traditional Phone Systems

Of course, those who still utilize land lines can benefit from cellular backup as well. Cut phone lines and power outages are realities that no family wants to be unprepared for. At SHIELD Security Systems, we recommend that every customer consider cellular backup as a valuable preventative measure.

Secure, Affordable Wireless Communications

With any security system, we recommend our cellular backup/secure wireless communication add-on. It’s an affordable option that pays for itself in about six (6) months. Without a traditional phone bill to pay, our customers consider it a reliable, cost-effective solution while keeping up with the digital age.


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